About Afghanistan

Why invest in Afghanistan?

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Strategic Geographical Position Connecting Central Asia to South Asia, and Leading to Europe

Trade & Economy

  • Free market economy led by private sector initiatives
  • Unprecedented economic growth (GDP growth from USD 2.2 billion in 2002 to  USD 21.8 billion in 2014)
  • Utilization of Preferential Trade Agreements and Systems (with India, China, Europe, USA, and etc.)
  •  Availability of skilled labor
  •  Increased market demand

Tax & Duties

  • Flexible tax and duty regime
  • 20% corporate tax
  • 0% Duty on import of machinery
  • 1% Duty on import of raw materials
  • Carry forward of losses (An accounting technique that applies the current year’s net operating losses to future years’ profits in order to reduce tax liability).

Government Commitment

Strong Government Commitment for Investment Climate Reforms.


  • Airfields 08
  • Trade Ports 09
  • Roads 12371 km
  • Railways 3429 km
  • Industrial Parks 10 constructed and 17 planned

Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute Resolution Center
  • Business Integrity Initiative (BIN)

Liberal Investment Law

  • Law of Tax on Consumer Goods
  • Business Trademarks Law
  • Contracts Law
  •  Agencies Law
  • Mining Law
  • Banking Law
  • Insurance Law

Ownership & Profit

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Foreigners can lease real estate, for periods up to 90 years for arable land or longer for non-arable land
  • Contracts Law

Agreements & Memberships

  • Bi-Lateral and Multi-Lateral Trade Agreements (APTTA, ECOTA, SAFTA)
  • Membership of International Road Transport TIR
  • WTO membership
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