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The Constitution of Afghanistan

Chapter 8
Article 136
The administration of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, based on the units of the central government and local offices, shall be regulated according to the law.
The central administration shall be divided into several administrative units, each headed by a Minister.
The local administrative unit shall be a province.
The number, area, divisions and related provincial organizations as well as number of offices shall be regulated on the basis of population, social and economic conditions, as well as geographical location.
Article 137
The government, in preserving the principles of centralism, shall transfer necessary powers, in accordance with the law, to local administrations in order to accelerate and improve economic, social as well as cultural matters, and foster peoples' participation in developing national life.
Article 138
There shall be a provincial council in every province.
Members of the provincial councils according to law, shall be elected for four years by the residents of the province, proportionate to the population, through free, general, secret, as well as direct elections.
The provincial council shall elect one of its members as President.
Article 139
The provincial council shall participate in the attainment of the development objectives of the state and improvement of the affairs of the province in the manner prescribe by laws, and shall advise the provincial administrations on related issues.
The provincial assembly council shall perform its duties with the cooperation of the provincial administration.
Article 140
Councils shall be established to organize activities as well as attain active participation of the people in provincial administrations in districts and in villages, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Local residents shall elect members of these councils for 3 years through free, general, secret, as well as direct elections.
Participation of nomads in these local councils shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Article 141
To administer city affairs, municipalities shall be established.
The mayor and members of municipal councils shall be elected through free, general, secret and direct elections.
Matters related to municipalities shall be regulated by law.
Article 142
To implement the provisions as well as attain values enshrined in this Constitution, the state shall establish necessary offices.