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The Constitution of Afghanistan

Chapter 6
Loya Jirga
Article 110
The Loya Jirga is the highest manifestation of the will of the people of Afghanistan.
The Loya Jirga consists of:
1. Members of the National Assembly;
2. Presidents of the provincial as well as district assemblies.
Ministers, Chief Justice and members of the Supreme Court as well as the attorney general shall participate in the Loya Jirga sessions without voting rights.
Article 111
The Loya Jirga shall convene in the following situations:
1. To decide on issues related to independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity as well as supreme national interests;
2. Amend provisions of this Constitution;
3. Impeach the President in accordance with the provisions of Article 69 of the Constitution.
Article 112
In its first session, the Loya Jirga shall elect, from amongest its members, a Chairperson, a Deputy-Chair, and a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary.
Article 113
The quorum of the Loya Jirga shall be complete for voting with the presence of the majority of members.
The decision of the Loya Jirga, except in situations explicitly stated in this Constitution, shall be adopted by a majority of members present.
Article 114
Sessions of the Loya Jirga shall be open unless one fourth of its membership demand secrecy, and the Loya Jirga accept this demand.
Article 115
During the sessions of the Loya Jirga, provisions of Articles 101 and 102 of this Constitution shall be applied to its members.