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The Constitution of Afghanistan

Chapter 10
Article 149
The principles of adherence to the tenets of the Holy religion of Islam as well as Islamic Republicanism shall not be amended.
Amending fundamental rights of the people shall be permitted only to improve them.
Amending other articles of this Constitution, with due respect to new experiences and requirements of the time, as well as provisions of Articles 67 and 146 of this Constitution, shall become effective with the proposal of the President and approval of the majority of National Assembly members.
Article 150
To process the amendment proposals, a commission comprised of members of the Government, National Assembly as well as the Supreme Court shall be formed by presidential decree to prepare the draft proposal.
To approve the amendment, the Loya Jirga shall be convened by a Presidential decree in accordance with the provisions of the Chapter on Loya Jirga.
If the Loya Jirga approves the amendment with the majority of two-thirds of its members, the President shall enforce it after endorsement.