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16th Senior Diplomatic course from 11-22 April 2016 in Jakarta

One participant from Afghanistan was invited to the said course. Contents of the program was composed of general information on ASEAN, Political developments of Indonesia, an overview of Indonesia and it’s foreign relations, Indonesia’s commitments for combating terrorism and Human Rights situation in Indonesia. Participants were invited from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China for the said program.


Report on Educational Training Programs and Diplomatic Aspects (manners, etiquettes)

The Institute of Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Embassy of Great Britain in Kabul jointly held an Educational Program titled “Theory and Characteristic (aspects) of Diplomacy” from 1st  till 4th   of July 2012 for diplomats and officials of other related ministries.
During this Training Program, the officials were exposed to important political topics and issues such as administrations and management, policy making, lobbying and other related issues by the experts from Great Britain.
These Training Programs enriches and develops in diplomats and ministry officials both in theoretical and practical skills central to their works. The capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs got build.
Certificates were awarded to the attendees, after successful completion of the four days Training Program.

Program report of “International General Law" and “Law and Treaties”

The Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized two one week courses, which were realized by the Max Plank Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and financed by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The organization and implementation of such courses for the purpose of capability enhancement within central departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a part of the annual program of the Institute of Diplomacy.
The first course “International General Law” started on June 9th and ended on June 13th 2012. Participants were Heads of Law and Treaty departments of several afghan Ministries.
The second course “Law and Treaties” took place from 16th till 20th of June 2012. Participants were all employees of the Law and Treaty department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both courses ended with distributing certificates to the participants by Hazrat Wahriz, Director General of the Institute of Diplomacy.


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