Monday 17 May 2021
 Kabul Local Time
27 Sawr 1400, 04:43 PM

Second NAP 1325 Steering Committee Meeting Held


KABUL - Steering Committee of the Second National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 - Women, Peace and Security and third NAP report - was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman and deputy ministers of other relevant ministries.

During the meeting, the draft of the third report on the implementation of the NAP on UNSCR 1325 was reviewed and scrutinized. The Foreign Ministry is set to submit its annual progress report on the implementation of NAP on UNSCR 1325, to the President's Office and the National Assembly.

The report includes information on progress made towards implementation of the predetermined indicators of the NAP 1325, promoting successful experiences, reflecting on lessons learnt and achievements made and identifying challenges and fundamental suggestions for improving the process of realizing the NAP1325.

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