Monday 9 December 2019
 Kabul Local Time
19 Qaws 1398, 01:49 AM

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Pakistan Ambassador to Discuss Visa Concerns


KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Mr. Idrees Zaman met in his office with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Zahid Nasrullah Khan this afternoon.

The meeting focused on issues related to the concerns raised by Pakistan’s mission in Kabul, as a result of which the embassy restricted entertaining visa applications for a day today.

The Pakistani Ambassador informed Deputy Minister Zaman that a group of individuals claiming to be ‘facilitators’ have been operating outside the embassy helping obtain visas in return of money. 

During the meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister was accompanied by the heads of the relevant Foreign Ministry Departments and General Ali Mast Momand from the Interior Ministry.

The meeting discussed in details the issues related to the concern and decided to form a team comprising relevant officials from MoFA, MoI, NDS and the said mission to carry out an assessment of the situation in the embassy facilities and the neighborhood to end the concern.    

Ambassador Nasrullah Khan assured Deputy Minister Zaman that the mission will resume its services as normal tomorrow.  

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