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Canadian Ambassador Calls On Acting Foreign Minister


KABUL – Acting Foreign Minister H.E. Idrees Zaman met with the Ambassador of Canada to Kabul Dave Metcalfe, this afternoon.

The two sides, in this meeting, discussed aspects of bilateral ties and issues of mutual interest.

At the outset, the Canadian Ambassador congratulated Mr. Zaman on his appointment as the Acting Foreign Minister, wishing him the best of success in the assigned affairs.

Recalling the appointment of the new Afghan Ambassador to Ottawa, the two countries’ authorities discussed the fresh mandates of the mission, emphasizing further strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

The two sides also talked about the presidential election process and the peace efforts by the Afghan government; including the 7 point peace plan, as well as the role of the foreign ministry in the peace process.

They also exchanged views on regional cooperation, including the Heart of Asia –Istanbul Process.