Outgoing Czech Ambassador Calls on Acting Foreign Minister to Bid Farewell


KABUL – Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Idrees Zaman met with the outgoing Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Kabul Mr. Petr Stepanek, this afternoon.

Having completed his tenure as the Czech Ambassador to Kabul, Mr. Stepanek, called on Foreign Minister to bid farewell and discuss issues of mutual interest before departing from the current mission.

At the outset, the two sides, in this meeting, exchanged the due congratulations and appreciations.

 Ambassador Stepanek thanked the Foreign Minister for the cooperation his office maintained with the mission.

Minister Zaman congratulated the outgoing Czech Ambassador for completing his tenure, which called productive.

This meeting also briefly focused on the recent developments, the important upcoming event; including the Intra Afghan dialogue due to be held in Beijing, and regional engagement based on the Afghan government’s 7 Point Peace Plan.

The two sides concluded the meeting with exchanging gifts of souvenir and wishes.

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