Wednesday 27 January 2021
 Kabul Local Time
8 Dalwa 1399, 12:14 PM

Report on Internally Displaced Children Launched


GENEVA – Embassy and Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Geneva and the Center for Monitoring Internal Displacement jointly launched the Report on Internally Displaced Children that was developed by the said center, on November 21, 2019.

Afghan Mission in Geneva stated that internally displaced children were the most vulnerable segment of the society and that millions of children around the world had been displaced due to war, poverty and other similar reasons. The report demonstrates that displaced children are faced with numerous challenges and problems such as poverty, lack of access to healthcare as well as limited access to schooling and education. It was also discussed that Afghanistan was one of the few countries that has a policy on IDPs, in which displaced children are in particular focus.

It is worth mentioning that in the said report, Afghanistan’s IDP policy has been mentioned as an example instrument and one being comprehensive, particularly with regards to its focus on internally displaced children.

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