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UN Delegate Pays Courtesy Call on Deputy and Acting Minister Esar


KABUL – Deputy Management & Resources and Acting Minister Ms. Nahid Esar met with the UN Regional Director for Asia - Pacific Mr. NeilBuhne, this afternoon.

The UN Regional Director, accompanied by the Deputy Special Representative of Secretary General (DSRSG), paid this courtesy call on Deputy Foreign Minister for Management & Resources while officially visiting the relevant countries in the region.

The two sides, in this meeting, discussed and exchanged views on a range of relevant issues.

The UN visiting delegate briefed the Deputy Minister on the UN organizational reform, offering experience-based support; if needed in the context of MoFA reforms underway.

Appreciating UNAMA’s spirit of supportiveness, Deputy Minister Esar noted that the reforms in the UN structure by large resemble the ones underway in MoFA.

The Deputy SRSG expressed optimism over the future of Afghanistan, recalling the government’s investment in the youth.  He exemplified the Deputy Minister as a young committed professional in an important capacity.

“I believe in the future of Afghanistan, in spite of all the challenges, because I believe in the young committed professionals; like yourself” said the Deputy SRSG.

The meeting was concluded with exchange of assurances of closely coordinated cooperation between the mission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.