Acting Foreign Minister's Press Conference on Reform Package


KABUL – Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Idrees Zaman and Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation of this Ministry Mr. Mirwais Nab, discussed the comprehensive reform package of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during a press conference today. The packages mainly focused on four foundational pillars of reform, with the following elaborations:

The mentioned reform package concentrates on four structural matters, including development of a system for foreign policy, the diplomatic missions; the development of a recruitment methods, promotion, reward and retribution, and legalization of the recruitment process; the development of work process and the infrastructure of information technology and the fourth providing facilities for consular services.

The reform package have been provided in consultation with the Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, members of parliament, Ministry of Finance, Director of National Statistic and Information Authority and the Director of the National Procurement Commission.

Foreign Minister in his remarks stated that, "In comparison with the efforts made for reforms so far in the history of the Ministry, this reform package could be the most comprehensive in its that includes necessary measures to address all the problems of the foreign policy of the Country.” And, with implementation of this package, we will witness having an effective system for our foreign policy.

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