Saturday 19 September 2020
 Kabul Local Time
29 Sunbula 1399, 08:44 PM

Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Afghanistan’s Youth Representative to United Nations


Kabul – Acting Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Idrees Zaman met with the Afghanistan’s Youth Representative to the United Nations Ms. Aisha Khurram, and the Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to Kabul Mr. Peter Prügel.

At the outset, Ms. Aisha Khurram briefed the minister on her recent visits to Germany and the United States of America, and her participation in the United Nations Security Council plenary and other meetings that she had during her journey.

Appreciating the achievements of Ms. Khurram, Minister Zaman, discussed her upcoming plans and activities as the Youth Representative to the United Nations and expressed his support in implementation of her plans.

Ms. Khurram further raised the lack of presence and awareness of youth regarding the peace talks and called for establishment of mechanisms in which the youth could also be informed on peace relevant issues.

At the end, while wishing her further successes in her future plans, the Acting Foreign Minister called her a deserving representation of the new generation.

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