Wednesday 21 October 2020
 Kabul Local Time
30 Mizan 1399, 03:25 PM

Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Meets AKDN Ambassador to Kabul


KABUL – Deputy and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with the Ambassador of Agha Khan Development Network, Ms. Sheherazade Hirji to discuss about the development projects of AKDN in Afghanistan, today afternoon.

While congratulating Minister Chakhansuri for assuming the new position, Ambassador Hirji briefly talked about the AKDN projects in Afghanistan. She further informed the Minister about the AKDN’s emerging program “Accelerated Prosperity”, which will mainly focus on youth employment opportunity.

Minister Chakhansuri appreciated AKDN engagement in Afghanistan and elaborated about the economic potentials of Afghanistan and the perspective of transforming Afghanistan from a land-locked to a land-connected country.

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