Saturday 19 September 2020
 Kabul Local Time
29 Sunbula 1399, 08:39 PM

Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Meets British, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabic, South Korean, and Uzbekistan Ambassadors to Kabul


KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minster Mr. Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri had separate meetings with the ambassadors of the United Kingdom، Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Uzbekistan governments to Kabul, this afternoon.

During these meetings, Minister Chakhansuri talked about further strengthening and expanding bilateral ties between Afghanistan and the governments of the aforementioned countries as well as exchanged views on a range of various topics.

Acting Foreign Minister presented detailed information about the peace process to the ambassadors. After hearing his remarks, the ambassadors reassured Foreign Minister of the support of their respective countries for the Afghan peace process.

Mr. Chakhansuri concluded the meetings with expressing gratitude to the governments and people of the respective countries for their continued support from the Afghanistan peace process.

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