Saturday 19 September 2020
 Kabul Local Time
29 Sunbula 1399, 08:00 PM

Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Meets EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan


KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with the European Union Special Envoy to Afghanistan Mr. Roland Kobia this afternoon.

At the outset, the two sides discussed various issues, particularly the Afghan peace process and the importance of forming a regional consensus on peace.

The meeting also focused on Afghanistan's significance with respect to trade and transit, regional connectivity, and the role of European Union in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Kobia assured Minister Chakhansuri of EU's continued support in the said areas. In response, Mr. Chakhansuri expressed his gratitude for EU's continued and comprehensive support for the peace process, stability and democracy in Afghanistan.

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