Saturday 19 September 2020
 Kabul Local Time
29 Sunbula 1399, 08:39 PM

Video Conference of Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister with the Ambassadors of Central Asian Countries


KABUL – Deputy and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri talked with ambassadors of Central Asian countries to Kabul by conducting video conference meeting this afternoon.

Congratulating the arrival of the new year, Nowruz, to the ambassadors, Mr. Chakhansuri said that the main purpose of the video conference was to create a mechanism for medical cooperation with respect to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and to discuss the flow of the Central Asian Republic’s goods to the region via Afghanistan.

The proposal for the above-mentioned mechanism was an Afghan initiative shared with countries located in Central Asia last week aiming at cooperation and coordination of efforts to fight against the Coronavirus and to overcome the challenges on the path of trade and transit.

During the video conference, the Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister pointed out that the Central Asian countries had great capacity for the production of foodstuff and medical supplies and equipment that can be transported to Iran and South Asia through Afghanistan. Mr. Chakhansuri added that in order to combat this deadly virus effectively, defining areas of cooperation and coordination among neighboring countries was indispensable. In this way, we can exchange experience and best practices towards preventing the spread of the virus as well as ensuring the flow of goods and foodstuff to other countries via Afghanistan.

Welcoming the proposal in principle, the Central Asian countries’ ambassadors to Kabul said that the aforesaid plan was being reviewed in their respective countries and in the near future, they will come up with their recommendations with regards to the implementation of the above-mentioned proposal.

Ambassadors of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to Kabul stated that the transit routes between Afghanistan and their countries for transporting commercial goods will normally remain open. Meanwhile, the ambassador of Uzbekistan said that his country had provided Afghanistan with an assistance of 10 trucks of foodstuff.

At the end, Deputy and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the friendly country of Uzbekistan for its assistance to Afghanistan reiterating that combatting the Coronavirus pandemic and its related challenges requires cooperation and coordination among all countries of the world.

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