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Foreign Minister Meets with Kabul-based Heads of EU Missions and the Head of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan


KABUL - Acting Foreign Minister, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, met with the Kabul-based heads of EU missions and the head of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan at the Italian Embassy in Kabul, this afternoon.


Minister Atmar thanked the EU Member countries for their assistance and cooperation to Afghanistan over the past 19 years. Mr. Atmar then spoke about the latest developments in the Afghan peace negotiations, the establishment of a humanitarian ceasefire and the mechanism for monitoring the reduction of violence.

He also highlighted the role that the European Union could play in maintaining international consensus on peace talks in Afghanistan.

Talking about further strengthening the relations between the EU member states and Afghanistan, Minister Atmar asked for EU cooperation post peace agreement. He spoke of the the continuation of mechanisms such as the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan to maintain mutual accountability in aid, good governance and service delivery.


The ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives of the European Union member states called the start of peace talks a good step towards reaching a comprehensive and sustainable peace. They reiterated the EU's continued support for the Afghan peace process, strengthening regional consensus and the preservation of the democratic achievements of the past 19 years.


‪In closing, Minister Atmar and distinguished participants of the meeting engaged in general discussions on the issues raised.