Wednesday 21 October 2020
 Kabul Local Time
30 Mizan 1399, 02:17 PM

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets with Finland’s Special Envoy for the Geneva Conference 2020


KABUL – HE Mirwais Nab, Deputy Foreign Minister met with Amb. Janne Taalas Special Envoy of Finland for the Geneva Conference 2020 and his accompanying delegation including the Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to Kabul, Amb. Pekka Kosonen, this morning.

At the outset, the Deputy Foreign Minister welcomed Amb. Taalas and his accompanying delegation to Kabul, thanking the Finnish Foreign Minister for his comprehensive speech at the opening ceremony of the Afghanistan peace talks in Doha and Finland’s support for the values ​​and achievements of the last 19 years.  While referring  to the opportunities and challenges in the Doha talks, Mr. Nab said that reaching to a lasting and dignified peace, preservation of the achievements of the past 19 years are among the important priorities of the Afghan government and people. He hoped that Afghanistan's international partners continue with their commitments, assistance and support to a united, independent and democratic Afghanistan. Mr. Nab also reflected on the reduction of violence and the establishment of a ceasefire, which is an important and legitimate demand of the Government and people of Afghanistan in peace negotiations.

Then, Ambassador Taalas talked about the preparations for the upcoming Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, beginning of peace talks, calling the Conference an important opportunity for countries and international organizations to support the government and people of Afghanistan in order to establish a lasting peace in this country.  He added that in spite of COVID-19 restrictions, the joint efforts of the technical teams related to holding of Geneva Conference are commendable.

In closing, both sides discussed the preparations, the presence of Afghan delegations, countries and donor organizations at the Geneva Summit, the impact of the peace talks on it and the relevant technical preparations in light of the COVID-19 problems.  They also exchanged views on the commitment and continued support of the countries and the international organization participating in the Geneva Conference on the peace process and the importance of preserving the achievements of the last 19 years.

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