Wednesday 21 October 2020
 Kabul Local Time
30 Mizan 1399, 02:36 PM

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets with the EU Ambassador to Kabul


KABUL – Mr. Mirwais Nab, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, met with EU Ambassador to Kabul Amb. Andreas Von Brandt, earlier today.

Thanking the EU for its continued cooperation and support in the peace talks, economic assistance and reconstruction of Afghanistan, the Deputy Foreign Minister said of the leadership of the EU mission, “we are ready to work closely with the European Union, and without a doubt your presence as a diplomat with a background in Afghanistan, would be helpful.”

Discussing the peace process and the challenges and opportunities ahead, Mr. Nab said that “we need to send a clear message to the Taliban, the region and the world that war has no military solution and that the international community supports a democratic, peaceful and stable Afghanistan.”

Deputy Minister said that the H.E President’s visit to Qatar shows the government’s serious commitment to peace, and hoped that the visit, in addition to developing relations between the two countries, would break the deadlock in the peace talks and create positive momentum.

The EU Ambassador in Kabul stated that he would draw form his past work experience in Afghanistan as well as his experience of attending the First and Second Bonn Conferences to help Afghanistan, in his new post. He added that the European Union shall continues to support Afghanistan as well as garnering regional and global consensus on peace.

Ambassador Brandt added: "The outcome of the Geneva Conference and the Doha Peace Talks should guarantee a democratic Afghanistan while respecting the rights of all Afghans, including women and youth, and the European Union stands ready to assist Afghanistan in this regard."

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