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Acting Foreign Minister Received the New Non-Resident Ambassador of Ukraine


KABUL - Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar had an introductory meeting with Mr. Vasyl M. Servatiuk, the Ukraine's incoming Non-Resident Ambassador, at the Storai Palace of Foreign Ministry.

While welcoming Ambassador Servatiuk to Kabul, Foreign Minister wished him success in his new mission. Mr. Atmar also thanked the designate Ambassador of Ukraine for his country's support to the Afghan peace process and their cooperation with Afghanistan over the past 19 years.

Ambassador Servatiuk said that Ukraine is committed to supporting Afghan peace negotiations and democratic achievements of the past two decades, including citizens' rights and women's rights. He added that he would further strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries during his tenure in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Servatiuk submitted a copy of his credential to Foreign Minister during the meeting.