Sunday 19 September 2021
 Kabul Local Time
28 Sunbula 1400, 08:51 AM

Telephone Call between Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Sweden


KABUL – Mohammad Haneef Atmar, Acting Foreign Minister, held a telephone conversation with his Swedish counterpart H.E. Ann Linde, Monday afternoon.

At the outset, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the Government of Sweden for its assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan over the past 19 years and for its support to the Afghan peace process.

While emphasizing her government's support for the Afghan peace process, the Swedish Foreign Minister also referred to her country's development projects to Afghanistan over the past two decades. Ms. Linde discussed the effective role of the Swedish Committee in implementing development projects funded by the Government of Sweden in Afghanistan.

Acknowledging the Swedish Foreign Minister's remarks, Mr. Atmar thanked the Swedish Government for its financial assistance over the past two decades and talked about the importance of Sweden's role in the Geneva Pledging Conference on Afghanistan, which will be held next month.

Referring to the existing mutual accountability framework, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to fulfilling its obligations in the fight against corruption.

 Ms. Linde voiced her government’s strong support for upholding democratic values, human rights, women’s participation and the rule of law in Afghanistan. She also expressed concern over the raging violence and raised the need for establishment of a ceasefire.

Stressing on his Swedish counterpart's concerns, Mr. Atmar discussed the recent developments in the peace talks. He reiterated that the end state of peace talks must ensure that our hard-won achievements of the last 19 years are preserved and that Afghanistan does not turn into a safe haven for terrorists and drug producers, triggering another wave of migration of Afghans to Europe and beyond.

Referring to the recent statement of the EU countries, the Swedish Foreign Minister renewed her Government's support and commitment to the Afghan peace process and the preservation of the achievements in Afghanistan.

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