Telephone Conversation between Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Switzerland


KABUL – Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar, held a telephone conversation with H.E. Ignazio Cassis, Foreign Minister of Switzerland, yesterday afternoon.

At the outset, Swiss Foreign Minister condemned the brutal terrorist and inhuman attack on Kabul University and expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and injured as well as to the people and government of Afghanistan. He said that Switzerland stands committed, with Afghanistan, in fight against terrorism.

H.E. Cassis, while declaring his government’s support to the Afghanistan peace process, said that it is time for the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban to agree on establishing a comprehensive ceasefire and resolve the differences on the negotiation table. He also referred to his government’s preparation to provide expertise in areas of ceasefire.

He added that Switzerland is commitment to participate in Geneva Pledging Conference, ensuring continuation of development in Afghanistan. The two sides talked about Young Afghan diplomats accessing training in Switzerland.

Minister Atmar expressed his appreciation to the government and people of Switzerland for their continued support and cooperation to Afghanistan over the past two decades. He also thanked Minister Cassis for his government’s support from Afghanistan peace talks and agreeing to hold training programs for Afghan diplomats.

While referring to the recent developments and challenges in the peace talks, Minister Atmar added that preservation of the past 19 years gains, reduction of high level of violence, an immediate ceasefire, regional and international consensus are important for the success of the peace negotiations.

In closing, both sides emphasized on strengthening bilateral cooperation, specially expansion of economic and trade relations between Afghanistan and Switzerland.

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