Wednesday 14 April 2021
 Kabul Local Time
26 Hamal 1400, 04:13 AM

Afghanistan and South Korean Deputy Foreign Ministers Discuss Bilateral Relations


Seoul - Deputy Foreign Minister Mirwais Nob met with Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister Jongmoon Choi.

The Deputy Foreign Minister termed the first round of political consultations between Afghanistan and Korea a turning point in the relations between the two countries and underscored its significance in expanding bilateral cooperation in political, economic, trade, and cultural areas.

Mr. Nab acknowledged that Korea's generous financial assistance in various fields played a significant role in Afghanistan's achievements over the past twenty years. The Deputy Minister added that amid the ongoing peace talks, the role of friendly countries such as Korea was critical in helping Afghanistan to achieve lasting peace and preserve and build on the achievements of the last twenty years, including strengthening the Islamic Republic.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea praised the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's efforts to establish peace and stability in the country. He hoped that the forthcoming Istanbul peace talks would play a significant role in advancing the peace process and preserving Afghanistan's gains. He stressed that at this critical historic juncture, Afghanistan's progress should not be reversed.

During the meeting, Mr. Nab provided detailed information on the prospects for peace. He also touched on Korea's role in capacity-building programs, the expansion of economic and trade relations, and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The Republic of Korea has recently pledged $ 35 million in assistance for the 2021 Geneva Conference on Afghanistan.

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