Sunday 20 June 2021
 Kabul Local Time
31 Jawza 1400, 02:09 AM

Minister of Foreign Affairs Holds Meeting to Gain Support in the Fight Against 3rd Wave of COVID-19


KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar underscored the need for emergency health support, in a VTC with the Afghan Ambassadors and Consul Generals to the neighboring and regional countries, and Directors General of the Political Divisions in MoFA.

Minister Atmar instructed all Afghan diplomatic and consular missions and Directors of the Political Divisions to contact all host countries, international organizations, and foreign missions in Kabul and coordinate prompt supply of oxygen and other health services.

Minister Atmar highlighted that, the Afghan government and people are grateful to the friendly countries for supporting Afghanistan in the fight against Coronavirus so far, and expects that the neighboring and regional countries will continue their support to Afghanistan in the fight against the third wave of COVID-19.

Noting the requirements of the health services sector in Afghanistan, Minister Atmar said that Afghanistan needed Oxygen, machinery to produce Oxygen, tanker trucks, and cylinders to transport oxygen.

Minister Atmar tasked all Afghan diplomatic and Consulate missions in the neighboring countries and the region, and Directors of the Political Divisions to immediately take comprehensive measures, considering the health conditions and people’s needs, to gain support of the respective host countries and all foreign mission in Kabul for shipment of the Oxygen and health equipment.

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