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MoFA Concerned over Continuation of Unprofessional Remarks by Pakistan’s Interior Minister


KABUL – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again expresses deep concern over the continuation of unprofessional remarks by Pakistan’s Interior Minister regarding the abduction of the daughter of our Ambassador in Islamabad.

While the investigation process has not been concluded and the perpetrators have not been arrested, the continuation of unilateral statements and unprofessional prejudgments will call the transparency of the investigation into question and result in increased mistrust.

Hospital reports have endorsed the mental and physical torture of Ms. Silsila Ali Khil. We expect unprofessional prejudgements to be avoided before the investigation comes to an end. Instead, we urge that all efforts should be geared towards obtaining evidence and completing the probe, as well as arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan is committed to full cooperation in the investigation process through the collaboration of delegations from both sides. We hope to see the reasons behind the incident, and the investigation results soon finalized and announced based on the findings of the investigating teams of the two countries.