Wednesday 20 October 2021
 Kabul Local Time
28 Mizan 1400, 11:08 PM

Remarks by MoFA Press Office in response to media queries regarding recent assertions by Zamir Kabulov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan


KABUL – We assessed the recent remarks by Zamir Kabulov, Russian president's special envoy to Afghanistan, in media outlets about the Taliban's readiness for a political solution and “the Taliban’s potential for military takeover”.

Since the signing of the Doha Agreement, the Taliban have consistently violated their commitments and obligations to reduce violence, sever ties with terrorist groups, negotiate a ceasefire, and reach a political settlement. The Taliban's actions reflect the fact that contrary to their claims, they are not ready for a political solution to Afghanistan’s crisis.

In return, the Afghan government has fulfilled all its obligations, including the release of more than 6,000 Taliban prisoners, and has consistently emphasized substantive negotiations on key issues, including an immediate ceasefire. To this end, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has formed a competent negotiating team and has participated with full commitment in the Doha peace talks, including the recent third round. In addition, to demonstrate its seriousness and commitment to the peace process, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently dispatched a high-level political delegation to Doha to support the Republic's negotiating team and advance peace talks with the Taliban. However, despite all these efforts, there is still no sign of commitment by the Taliban to cease violence, refrain from military solution, and reach a political settlement.

If Mr. Kabulov has access to reliable and specific information and findings that demonstrate the Taliban’s true will to peacefully resolve the war, we would welcome sharing such information with us in order to advance the peace process.

In our view, raising the possibility of the Taliban’s military takeover of political power is in contradiction to the Extended Troika Declaration in Moscow and the UN Security Council Resolution 2513, and the international community's strong opposition to the return of the Taliban Emirate.

We appreciate Russia's peace efforts within the framework of Moscow format, Extended Troika, and the UN Security Council. We expect our international partners to hold the Taliban accountable for their commitments and to exert necessary pressure on them to end the bloodshed and agree to a political solution through real and meaningful negotiations based on the international community’s demand, particularly the Extended Troika member states and supporting countries of the UN Security Council Resolution 2513.

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