Foreign Minister Rabbani Meets his German Counterpart

Foreign Minister Rabbani Meets his German Counterpart

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany H.E. Heiko Maas.

Welcoming the German Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation, Foreign Minister Rabbani appreciated Germany’s assistance with Afghanistan from the Bonn Conference till today.

H.E. Maas expressed his assurance about his country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan and emphasized Germany’s comprehensive support with Afghanistan.

The two sides insisted on maintaining values and achievements of the past 18 years and called the sacrifices given by Afghanistan, Germany, and the International Community in keeping these values unforgettable. They also discussed peace negotiation, upcoming presidential elections, and bilateral agreements.

In the end of the meeting, they also answered the questions asked by journalists during a news conference.


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