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Conference on Empowerment of Women in Afghanistan

Conference on Empowerment of Women in Afghanistan

ASTANA – Regional Conference on Women Empowerment in Afghanistan was held by Kazakhstan in coordination with Afghanistan in Astana on September 6, 2018.

Representatives of women from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, UN, and the European Union participated in this conference. Ms Adela Raz and seven other Afghan women including Dilbar Nazari Minister of Women’s Affairs, Hasina Safi Acting Minister of Culture, and Kamela Sidiqi Deputy Minister of Business and Industries represented Afghanistan in this conference.

Based on the recommendation of the Afghan Government, the main topic of discussion was the economic empowerment of women. Afghan representatives talked in different panels of the conference. Pointing the achievements of the Afghan Government in empowerment of women, they also mentioned current challenges in this area and asked all participating countries to not only pave the way for higher education of women but also help Afghan businesswomen have access to regional markets.

Mr. Kairat Abdrakhmanov Kazakh Foreign Minister and Ms. Adela Raz delivered speeches in the end of the conference and called the Astana Declaration on Women Empowerment in Afghanistan a sign of strong will of participating countries in the way towards empowerment of women in Afghanistan and the region. Pointing at the Afghan Government’s initiatives for empowering women, specially, in the framework of RECCA and the Istanbul Process, Ms. Raz called the discussions and recommendations mentioned in the conference’ panels very constructive for empowering women and thanked the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the European Union for their new commitment in providing the ground for higher education and vocational training programs for Afghan women in Universities of  Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In this declaration, efforts of Afghanistan in empowering women were appreciated, and the participating countries announced their support for economic empowerment of Afghan women in the framework of RECCA. Establishing an advisory council consisting of influential women of the region was anticipated, and holding of the regional conference on Women Empowerment in Afghanistan in 2019 was also emphasized in this declaration.

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