Saturday 17 November 2018
 Kabul Local Time
26 Aqrab 1397, 05:29 AM

Deputy Foreign Minister Attends OIC's Exclusive Session on Afghanistan

Deputy Foreign Minister Attends OIC's Exclusive Session on Afghanistan

JEDDAH - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Management and Resources of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated in the Special Session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Afghanistan.

In his remarks, the OIC Secretary General emphasized joint efforts for attaining sustainable peace in Afghanistan and called for attracting the support and cooperation of the countries in the region particularly those who are members of OIC in the economic and social areas, in the benefit of the people of Afghanistan.

Explaining the current situation in the country, Dr. Andisha discussed the challenges and achievements of the National Unity Government in various areas such as peace and security in the country. He also talked about specific measures to be taken for consolidation and implementation of OIC resolutions as well as decisions of important international events of the OIC, such the International Ulema Conference on Afghanistan.

Furthermore, a documentary film, depicting the current situation in Afghanistan, was screened during the meeting, and it was suggested to be shared with all member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Additionally, the representatives of the member states of OIC, unanimously supported the idea of realizing peace and stability in Afghanistan as well as the suggestions made thereof. Deputy Minister Andisha also paid a visit to the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Jeddah and gave necessary instructions regarding the speedy and timely procedures of the identity determination, electronic passports issuance and other consular services for Afghan citizens.


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