Saturday 17 November 2018
 Kabul Local Time
26 Aqrab 1397, 05:29 AM

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets OIC Secretary General

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets OIC Secretary General

JEDDAH – Deputy Foreign Minister for Management and Resources, Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha who had traveled to Saudi Arabia to attend the OIC Special Session on Afghanistan, met with the Secretary General of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen.

Welcoming the Afghan delegation, the Secretary General expressed that the OIC shall not spare any efforts in helping attain peace and security in Afghanistan. He also added that the holding of International Ulema Conference was an important and valuable step towards national unity, peace and security in Afghanistan. At the Conference, not only from Afghanistan, but also from the entire Islamic World, the Ulema came together and condemned violence, terrorism and the current war in Afghanistan and called it an illegitimate war. The gathering of the Ulema of the Islamic world in Mecca was of high significance from various dimensions.

Afterwards, conveying the message of the leadership of National Unity Government to Secretary General of OIC, Dr. Andisha stated that the people and government of Afghanistan appreciate the contribution made by this organization aimed at peace and stability in Afghanistan. He also expressed his gratitude towards the OIC and the friendly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting International Ulema Conference as well as for holding the Special Session of OIC on Afghanistan. Dr. Andisha also mentioned that since the beginning of the year 2018, the OIC has had special focus on Afghanistan’s issues. As one of the founding members of OIC, Afghanistan has had a deep and effective link to the organization for a long time and expects this organization to have a distinguished regard on Afghanistan.


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