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Acting Foreign Minister Meets Turkish Ambassador to Kabul

KABUL - Acting and Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Idrees Zaman met with Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Kabul, Mr. Oğuzhan Ertuğrul.

The Acting Foreign Minister, thanke the Turkish Ambassador for the participation of Turkey's Foreign Minister in the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, deemed the said conference as of high significance for Afghanistan.

Later during the meeting, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey provided assurance of his country's sustained cooperation with respect to police trainings particularly the trainings of the female police in the country and the continued operation of the Afghan-Turk schools.

In this meeting, the two sides also discussed and exchanged views on matters of bilateral interest.

Foreign Minister Inaugurates Geneva Conference on Afghanistan

GENEVA – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani called the Geneva Conference a suitable opportunity for sharing the Afghan Government's achievements with the International Community, and added "the people of Afghanistan went to vote without any fear and intimidation and widely participated in the parliamentary elections and they proved that despite the prevailing challenges, on the way, they still believe in the democratic process.
In another part of his remarks, Minister Rabbani, explained, " Besides the development programs, the government is putting sufficient efforts for attaining a durable peace, led and owned by Afghanistan".

Chinese Ambassador to Kabul Calls Upon Deputy Foreign Minister

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Mr. Idrees Zaman met the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Liu Jinsong.

Ambassador Jinsong paid a courtesy call on Mr. Zaman after his assumption of office as Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs.

The two sides discussed important aspects of bilateral ties and exchanged updates and views on a wide range of issues of common interest and concern.

Ambassador Jinsong congratulated Deputy Minister Zaman on the assumption of an important post, reiterating his country’s commitment to the bilateral Afghanistan China relations, which he called ‘very important’.

The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that Afghanistan values its ties with the important neighbor, China.  He recalled with sympathy the recent terrorist attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, stressing that the menace of terror is a common concern which requires sincere regional approach.

The Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister and the neighboring country’s envoy discussed areas of bilateral engagement and emphasized the need for identifying new areas for pragmatic cooperation.

The two sides also briefly discussed the modality of the upcoming Afghanistan-Pakistan-China trilateral meeting.   

Foreign Minister Rabbani Inaugurates 17th Meeting of States Parties to Mine-Ban Convention

GENEVA – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani attended and delivered remarks at the 17th Meeting of States Parties to Mine-Ban Convention, in Geneva.
In his opening remarks, Mr. Rabbani recalling Afghanistan’s chairmanship at the Ottawa Convention meeting last year, highlighted the country’s efforts with respect to demining operations and inviting non-state parties to gain accession to the convention. He also stated “Afghanistan has become one of the most mine-affected countries in the world. Our people have been suffering from the physical and psychological effects of landmines on a daily basis. Therefore, Afghanistan has attained membership of the convention and along with other members struggles for achieving a mine-free world.”
Afghanistan led the Ottawa convention meeting in 2018, and has made great efforts in the area of mine clearance and accession of other countries to the convention, through its mission in Geneva.


British Ambassador to Kabul Calls Upon Acting and Deputy Foreign Minister

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs (now acting Foreign Minister) Mr. Idrees Zaman met with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom Mr. Nicholas Kay, this afternoon.
Ambassador Kay called upon Deputy Minister Zaman to discuss issues of common interest and concern.
The two sides talked about a range of issues including those of regional nature, the peace process, the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, the progress in APPAPS; as well as the recent attack on the gathering to commemorate the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PuH).
The two sides agreed to maintain close conversations on important issues to the two countries.


Deputy Minister Raz Meets Visiting Polish Authority

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation Ms. Adela Raz received in her office Director of Asia Pacific Department at the Republic of Poland’s Foreign Affairs’ Ministry, Ambassador Pawel Milewski, this afternoon.

The two sides discussed and exchanged views on aspects of bilateral ties, focusing on economic cooperation between the two countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister Raz, welcoming Ambassador Milewski and his accompanying delegation to Kabul, recalled the historical friendly relations between Afghanistan and Poland. She thanked the government Poland for its contribution to the security efforts in Afghanistan through deployment of men and women to serve under the NATO mandate.

Ambassador Milewski recalled with appreciation Afghanistan’s support for Poland’s nonpermanent UNSC membership.

The visiting Polish authority briefed Deputy Minister Raz about the political consultations they conducted with the counterpart Afghan foreign ministry department (4th Political Dept.), preceding this meeting. He described the consultations as candid and highly informative.

Deputy Minister Raz briefed the visiting Polish delegate on the conducive foreign investment in Afghanistan, including the favorable legislations; as well as the unfolding opportunities with the Lapis Lazuli route and air corridors.

Ambassador Milewski noted that Afghanistan offers areas for Polish business engagement.

The visit comes after the coming into force of a cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Poland signed in 2012.

British Foreign Office Chief Operation Officer Calls on Foreign Minister

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani received in his office the Chief Operation Officer of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ambassador Peter Jones, this evening.

Mr. Jones was accompanied by the current British Head of Mission to Kabul, Ambassador Nicholas Kay.

Foreign Minister Rabbani, welcoming Mr. Jones to Kabul, thanked the UK government for the assistance it has provided to Afghanistan over the past years.

Ambassador Jones assured the Afghan Foreign Minister of the UK’s commitment to the two countries’ bilateral ties.

The two sides discussed developments in the areas of mutual importance and some bilateral arrangements, including a contract to be finalized between the Afghan and British governments involving a plot of land in Kabul, where the latter will construct facilities for its mission.

Foreign Minister Meets Germany’s Special Representative

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani met in his office the Special Representative of the Federal Government of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador Markus Potzel, this noon.

The visiting Ambassador Potzel calls on the Afghan Foreign Minister as the diplomatic apparatus is preparing for the upcoming Geneva Conference on Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Rabbani thanked Ambassador Potzel for Germany’s efforts for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and region.

Mr. Potzel, who previously served as the German Ambassador to Kabul, said that his country is “a long standing friend of Afghanistan’s”  

The two sides discussed a range of issues including the latest developments in the peace process, and exchanged views on the desired modality of interactions in the context. Both sides emphasized the importance of an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned Peace Process.

Foreign Minister Rabbani reiterated that the Afghan government is determined to hold the presidential election on time.

Ambassador Potzel assured the Afghan Foreign Minister of his government’s support for a smooth electoral process.

The German Representative concluded with appreciation that the meeting was productive and informed the Foreign Minister Rabbani that he will visit Pakistan before the end of the year.


Foreign Minister Rabbani Meets Norwegian Counterpart

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani received in his office Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway H.E. Ine Erikson Soreide, this evening.

The two Foreign Ministers conducted comprehensive talks on important aspects of bilateral ties and issues of mutual importance.

Foreign Minister Rabbani, welcoming his Norwegian counterpart to Kabul, recalled with appreciation the assistance that the friendly country’s people and government provided to Afghanistan over the past years, including the incurred sacrifices in restoring peace. He also thanked the Norwegian government for supporting the Afghan Women Symposium.

Foreign Minister Soreide briefly recalled the historical bilateral ties between the two countries and her previous visit to Afghanistan in a different capacity.

“Afghanistan is a country that I feel strongly for”, said the Norwegian Foreign Minister, sharing her personal feeling.  

The two sides discussed the state of progress in Peace Process and related issues.  

Foreign Minister Rabbani briefed his counterpart on Afghanistan’s strong commitment to negotiations for peace and the steps the country has taken to achieve the goal. He noted the important role Norway can play, given the experience the country has in engaging in other such processes.

Foreign Minister Soreide expressed her government’s commitment to supporting an Afghan-led and Afghan- owned peace process.

The two Foreign Ministers discussed other important areas of cooperation and issues of mutual importance, including the status of Afghan refugees in Norway.

The Foreign Ministers concluded the bilateral meeting reiterating their commitments to further strengthening the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries.


Foreign Minister Meets NATO Rep Zimmermann

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani met in his office the NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Ambassador Cornelius Zimmermann, this afternoon.

The meeting takes place ahead of the upcoming NATO Ministerial meeting in the first week of December this year.

Foreign Minister Rabbani and Ambassador Zimmerman discussed and exchanged views on a wide range of issues.

At the outset, the two sides talked about the developments in the peace process, as well as important events; including the election and related issues.  Expressing optimism, Ambassador Zimmerman described the parliamentary elections as ‘heartening’ and the measures by the security forces as ‘credible efforts’.

The NATO Representative briefed the Afghan Foreign Minister on the details and modality of the upcoming NATO Ministerial Meeting, in which Foreign Minister Rabbani will participate and address a statement.

The NATO Foreign Ministerial Meeting is due to take place on December 4-5, and bring together foreign ministers from over 40 countries.  

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