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Second Meeting of Ambassadors for Istanbul Process

KABUL - The Second Meeting of Ambassadors for the Istanbul Process was chaired by Idrees Zaman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Zaman thanked Turkey for hosting the next Senior Officials Meeting in Ankara and gave information about the Trust Building Measures within this framework.

Afterwards, the Ambassador of Turkey Oğuzhan Ertuğrul provided information about the next Senior Officials Meeting to be held on June the 25th. He mentioned that alongside emphasizing regional cooperation at the abovementioned meeting, regional consensus and the Afghan Peace Process would also be discussed.

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Swedish Ambassador

KABUL - Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman met Swedish Ambassador to Kabul Mr. Tobias Thyeberg and Ms. Caroline Vidni who is going to be his successor.

Idrees Zaman talked about the Presidential Elections, the Peace Process, the Consultative Peace Jirga and its achievements, and the President's imminent trip to Pakistan.

Ms. Vidni said that the purpose of her trip to Afghanistan was gathering information about the country and called Afghanistan important for Sweden.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Iranian Ambassador

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Iranian Ambassador to Kabul Mr. Mohammad Raza Bahrami.

Mr. Bahrami assured the Afghan Foreign Minister of Iran’s support for Dr. Suraya Dalil’s candidacy for the position of the Deputy Director General with the International Organization for Migration and asked for the opening of Iran’s cultural office in Herat province.

Foreign Minister Rabbani appreciated Iran’s support for Afghanistan’s candidate for the position of DDG-IOM and emphasized the continuation of friendly relations between the two countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Indian Ambassador

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman met with the Ambassador of the Republic of India to Kabul Vinay Kumar.

Both sides exchanged views on bilateral relations, situation of the region, the Peace Talks, and continuation of India’s cooperation with Afghanistan.

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Turkish Ambassador

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister Idrees Zaman met Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kabul Oğuhzan Ertuğrul.

Both sides talked about the agenda of the Senior Officials Meeting of the Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process that is going to be held in Ankara. They also called the Afghan Led and Afghan Owned Peace very important and discussed security and regional consensus in relation to the Afghan Peace Process.

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