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Foreign Media and Journalists Registration

Hereby the Spokesperson's Office proclaims that Journalists who would like to cover reports from Islamic Republic of Afghanistan about political, social and economic fields should do so according to the current rules of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan especially according to Mass Media Law; they can come to Afghanistan by obtaining entrance visa from Afghan Diplomatic Missions abroad.

When journalists arrive at Afghanistan, during their entrance to Kabul or other provinces, they ought to register their names and agencies in Media Relations Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Departments of MFA in Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Nangarhar, Bamian, Paktia and Kundoz provinces.

After the journalists' registration, the above mentioned offices will arrange accreditation letters for them to pave the ground for the coverage of news, press conferences, and interviews with the government official etc.

The office of spokesperson will send press releases and some other information to their addresses and invite them to attend some press conferences of the government authorities.

Journalist whose visa date has expired but would like to continue their journalistic activities in Afghanistan, should submit their suggestion letters to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and should follow the process for receiving their visas.

The samples of Registration Form, Accreditation Letter, the Mass Media Law of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and contact information are as follows:

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