Sunday 19 September 2021
 Kabul Local Time
28 Sunbula 1400, 09:22 AM

Minister of Foreign Affairs Calls for Investigation, Documentation, and Punishment of Perpetrators of War Crimes in Afghanistan

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar spoke with the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan Ms. Deborah Lyons about current developments, peace talks, rising Taliban attacks on cities, violation of human rights by Taliban, and the group's crimes against humanity.

Minister Atmar strongly condemned the Taliban attack on the UN office in Herat province. Expressing concern over the escalation of Taliban attacks on populated cities and centers, he called the group's inhumane crimes intolerable for the people and government of Afghanistan. Minister Atmar called on the international community to prosecute the perpetrators of these war crimes using international arrangements and mechanisms.

Minister Atmar also emphasized the role of international institutions, including the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Human Rights Council, in investigating, documenting, and punishing perpetrators of recent war crimes in Afghanistan. Noting that the priority of the Afghan people and government is an immediate ceasefire and reaching a comprehensive peace agreement, Minister Atmar called on the United Nations and the international community to exert maximum pressure on the Taliban to stop killing Afghan people and to agree to a political solution.

Ms. Lyons thanked the Afghan security forces for their timely support and response to curb Taliban attacks on the UN Mission in Herat province and expressed grave concern over the escalation of Taliban attacks on cities and killing innocent people.

Ms. Lyons also termed the high level of civilian casualties and potential threats to employees of humanitarian and international organizations as serious causes of failure of humanitarian aid and development projects, stressing the need to stop it immediately.

MoFA’s Message Regarding Taliban Delegation's Visit to China

KABUL – The Government of the People's Republic of China recently informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that a Taliban delegation would visit China. According to the information, the purpose of the visit was to convey China's concerns about the security situation in Afghanistan, the presence of foreign fighters and terrorists alongside the Taliban, and the Chinese government's support for peace talks and a political settlement.

During the visit, the Chinese government expressed its deep concerns over the recent Taliban attacks, which have resulted in rising civilian casualties and the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians, calling on the Taliban to embrace a political solution and sever ties with regional and international terrorists.

Given the common security threats and mutual political and economic interests, and in light of recent talks between the Presidents and Foreign Ministers of the two countries, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expects the Chinese government to play its valuable role in strengthening regional consensus and exerting international pressure on the Taliban to end violence, establish a ceasefire, ensure peace and end the presence of foreign terrorists in Afghanistan.

We do not want to lose achievements of the last 20 years and will stand by the people and the government of Afghanistan: German Foreign Minister

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar spoke today with his German counterpart Heiko Maas to discuss security situation, continuation of international assistance, and the prospect of peace in Afghanistan.

Mr. Atmar commended Germany's assistance and sacrifices in Afghanistan over the past 20 years and called continuation of partners’ support vital to preserving the state and the achievements of the last 20 years.

The two foreign ministers spoke in detail about the unprecedented increase in violence, reinforcing the Afghan Air Force, role of the regional countries particularly Pakistan in the success of the peace process, and containing the spread of terrorism threat.

The two sides agreed to collaborate with Afghanistan‘s other international partners to expand and strengthen regional consensus for peace as well as enhance the capacity of the Afghan Air Force.

The German Foreign Minister said that Afghanistan was of great importance to the German government and parliament. He stated that Afghanistan was not alone in the current difficult times and that Germany would stand by the government and people of Afghanistan. Mr. Maas reaffirmed that they would do their utmost to help preserve all the hard-won gains of the last 20 years in coordination with the European Union and other global partners.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Attends Antalya Diplomatic Forum Inaugural Session and Meets Iranian Counterpart

ANTALYA - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Haneef Atmar attended the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, inaugurated by H.E. the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Minister Atmar also met with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, on the sidelines of the forum, to discuss the consolidation and expansion of bilateral relations, the Afghan Peace Process, strategic and economic-trade cooperation between the two countries, and convening the Afghanistan-Iran-Turkey trilateral meeting.

Over the next two days, Minister Atmar will meet separately with the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan’s regional and international partners to discuss issues related to Afghanistan and the region.

Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister meets Director General of Iran Foreign Ministry's West Asia Department

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mirwais Nab met with the Assistant Foreign Minister and General Director of Iran Foreign Ministry's West Asia Department, Seyyed Rasoul Mousavi, this noon.

Welcoming Mr. Mousavi to Kabul, Mr. Nab highlighted the recent developments in the Afghan peace talks, security, and economic affairs. Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister added that Iran’s continued support to the legitimate demands of the Afghan people and government in the peace process as well as Iran’s efforts in establishing regional consensus thereof was important.

Describing the goals of his visit to Kabul, Mr. Mousavi called the relations between Afghanistan and Iran historic and enduring. Emphasizing on the continuation of Iran’s support to the Afghan Peace Talks, a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, and the preservation of gains in last two decades are vital, he added.

The two sides also discussed and exchanged views on the significance of signing the Afghanistan-Iran comprehensive cooperation agreement, expanding bilateral relations, enhanced cooperation between the two countries in health, education, border, and consular spheres, and Iran’s role in ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

Deputy And Acting Foreign Minister Speaks with British Minister for Middle East and North Africa

KABUL - Deputy and acting Foreign Minister Mirwais Nab had a telephone conversation with the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office James Cleverly.

Expressing gratitude to the UK for its support and cooperation with Afghanistan over the past two decades, in particular contribution in the train and advise mission of the Afghan security and defense forces within the resolute support framework and reconstruction of Afghanistan. Deputy Minister Nab emphasized the continuation of the UK’s support to Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the resolute support forces from Afghanistan.

Referring to the recent visit of the British Chief of the Defence Staff to Kabul, Mr. Cleverly condemned the recent Taliban attacks on Afghan civilians and assured Mr. Nab of Britain’s continued support to Afghanistan.

Emphasizing the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, Mr. Cleverly called for contact between the members of the international group to coordinate and response to the families of the victims of the Ukrainian aircraft.

The two sides also discussed strengthening and expansion of relations between Kabul and London and the latest developments in the Afghan peace process.

Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Charge d' Affaires of US Embassy in Kabul

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister, Mirwais Nab, met with, Charge d' Affaires of the US Embassy in Kabul, Mr. Ian J. McCary at the Storay Palace this afternoon.

During the meeting, Mr. Nab spoke about his recent visit to the Republic of Tajikistan which was aimed at coordinating the 9th Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process to be held in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, and stressed the importance of Central Asian countries' support for peace talks.

Both sides discussed issues of mutual interest, including the peace process and the expectations of the Afghan government and people of the ongoing endeavors towards restoration of security and stability, emphasizing the importance of supporting national, regional and global peace talks.

Telephone Conversation between the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and India

KABUL – Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar held a telephone conversation with the Minister of External Affairs of India, Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, today.

The two Foreign Ministers discussed a wide range of issues, including COVID-19 and the Afghan peace process.

Minister Atmar congratulated Dr. Jaishankar on the COVID vaccine roll out in India and appreciated India’s pledge to support Afghanistan’s COVID immunization program.

Discussing the second round of Afghanistan peace negotiations, which starts in Doha on Saturday, the two sides emphasized the need to garner regional and international support for a comprehensive ceasefire leading to a durable peace agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

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