Thursday 21 January 2021
 Kabul Local Time
2 Dalwa 1399, 08:34 AM

Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Press Release on the Taliban Delegation's Visit to Pakistan

KABUL – The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is aware of the visit of a delegation of the Taliban's Political Commission to Islamabad at the invitation of Pakistani officials.

The Taliban delegation's visit to Islamabad has taken place after consultation with the Government of IRoA and as a result of a state visit to Afghanistan by Pakistan's Prime Minister, H.E. Imran Khan. It is part of the ongoing endeavors to strengthen the peace and national reconciliation process in Afghanistan and, therefore, the Government of Afghanistan appreciates these efforts.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has shared the expectations of the Government and people of Afghanistan with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of immediate reduction of violence, establishing a comprehensive ceasefire, and achieving lasting peace through constructive negotiations.

Kabul hopes that the Taliban delegation's visit to Islamabad proves useful as a practical and constructive measure towards achieving the expected results.

Statement of the Gov. of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Regards to the Report of the Australian Defense Forces’ Inspector General on Allegations of Serious Misconducts by some Australian Special Forces during the 2005-2016 in Afghanistan

KABUL – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers the report by the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force on violations of the Law of Armed Conflicts by some Australian special forces in Afghanistan, released today by the Australian Chief of the Defence Force, a necessary step towards ensuring transparency and implementing legal processes as well as ensuring justice and addressing the cases of illegal conduct.

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence and the Australian Chief of Defence Force sent official letters to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense, the National Security Adviser and the Chief of Staff of the Afghan Army, acknowledging the report and expressing their disgust and aversion to those violations of the Law of Armed Conflicts by members of the Australian special forces in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016. On behalf of the Government and People of Australia, they apologized to both the people and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for these violations, and assured the Government of Afghanistan of their compliance with the recommendations of the Afghanistan Inquiry, providing justice and compensation to the families of the victims.

While the Government and the people of Afghanistan are grateful for the full and continued support of the Australian Government over the past 19 years, it, in unison with the Australian Government, strongly condemns these violations and considers them indefensible, and deems the publication of the report and the appointment of a Special Investigator to address these incidents, as important steps towards achieving justice.

The Government of Afghanistan appreciates the expression of regret and sympathy by the Australian authorities and for their condolences to the people of Afghanistan, and thanks them for their reassurance to the Afghan Government that they will provide the victims of these incidents with reparations. Both Governments will work closely together to ensure that the recommendations of the Afghanistan Inquiry are met, justice is provided and compensation is paid to the victims.

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