Saturday 29 February 2020
 Kabul Local Time
10 Hoot 1398, 05:56 AM

KABUL - Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with Foreign Secretary of India Mr. Shri Harsh Vardhan Shringla this afternoon. 

At the outset, Mr. Shringla expressed congratulations for consolidation of Republic System and re-election of H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the next 5 years, reaffirming his country's commitment for continuing long-term cooperation with the government and people of Afghanistan. 

In response, Mr. Chakhansuri welcomed the announcement of the Indian government's position related to the election results, consolidation of the republic system in Afghanistan and expressed his gratitude for India's continued cooperation, especially its development projects for Afghanistan. 

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with the European Union Special Envoy to Afghanistan Mr. Roland Kobia this afternoon.

At the outset, the two sides discussed various issues, particularly the Afghan peace process and the importance of forming a regional consensus on peace.

The meeting also focused on Afghanistan's significance with respect to trade and transit, regional connectivity, and the role of European Union in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Kobia assured Minister Chakhansuri of EU's continued support in the said areas. In response, Mr. Chakhansuri expressed his gratitude for EU's continued and comprehensive support for the peace process, stability and democracy in Afghanistan.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with the ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Kabul, Mr. Wang Yu this afternoon.

In this meeting, the two sides discussed the Peace Process and reduction of violence, as well as, expansion of relationships between Afghanistan and China, in particular, the problems caused by the Coronavirus and how to fight it.

At the end, Minister Chakhansuri expressed his gratitude to the People's Republic of China for declaring its position concerning the result of Presidential Election and supporting peace and stability in Afghanistan. Both sided concluded the meeting with emphasizing on importance of further cooperation in fighting Coronavirus.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minster Mr. Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri had separate meetings with the ambassadors of the United Kingdom، Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Uzbekistan governments to Kabul, this afternoon.

During these meetings, Minister Chakhansuri talked about further strengthening and expanding bilateral ties between Afghanistan and the governments of the aforementioned countries as well as exchanged views on a range of various topics.

Acting Foreign Minister presented detailed information about the peace process to the ambassadors. After hearing his remarks, the ambassadors reassured Foreign Minister of the support of their respective countries for the Afghan peace process.

Mr. Chakhansuri concluded the meetings with expressing gratitude to the governments and people of the respective countries for their continued support from the Afghanistan peace process.

MUNICH – Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom, the members of the International Coordination and Response Group for the victims of Flight PS752, held a second in-person meeting on the margins of the Munich Security Conference today to advance work on the framework of cooperation with Iran presented in London, United Kingdom, on January 16, 2020.

Today, the ministers of the coordination group will present a letter to Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which they reaffirm the need to provide closure, accountability, transparency and justice for the families and loved ones of the victims.

During a discussion with Minister Zarif, the ministers of the coordination group pressed Iran to continue to take necessary active steps toward the resolution of the many crucial questions of fact and of law raised by the downing of the flight. The group’s ministers urged a transparent and thorough safety investigation, in compliance with the standards and practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization. They also called for timely and equitable compensation consistent with international precedents. Lastly, the group’s ministers urged Iran to complete a thorough and transparent criminal investigation of the downing of PS752.

In addition, the Coordination Group also discussed the need to improve aviation security and air travel near or over conflict zones.

February 15, 2020 - Munich, Germany - Global Affairs Canada

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Management and Resources Ms. Naheed Esar met with the Ambassador of Aga Khan Development Network Ms. Sheherazade Hirji to discuss about the AKDN projects in Afghanistan.

At the outset, both sides discussed the implementation of AKDN development projects in different areas of Afghanistan. Ms. Esar pointed out restoration of the Storay Palace in Ministry of Affairs and appreciated continuous engagement of AKDN in Afghanistan.

Ms. Hirji briefed Deputy Minister about some of the future projects, such as using the AKDN expertise to develop education and healthcare system in Afghanistan.

Both sides concluded the meeting with discussing ways to amplify and enhance women’s leadership roles in Afghanistan.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs met with the Ambassador of Australia to Kabul, Mr. Geoff Tooth to discuss a range of issues, particularly recent bushfires in different parts of Australia, this afternoon.

At the outset, Ambassador Tooth congratulated Minister Chakhansuri for assuming the new position and then briefed him about the recent developments in extinguishing the heavy bushfires and its impacts on animals and climate.  While sympathizing with the Ambassador Tooth, Minister Chakhansuri stated that the people of Afghanistan are standing alongside the people of Australia in this difficult time.     

During the meeting the two sides further discussed a number of topics, including higher education exchange programs, people to people ties and recent developments in Afghanistan peace efforts.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri met with the Ambassador of Agha Khan Development Network, Ms. Sheherazade Hirji to discuss about the development projects of AKDN in Afghanistan, today afternoon.

While congratulating Minister Chakhansuri for assuming the new position, Ambassador Hirji briefly talked about the AKDN projects in Afghanistan. She further informed the Minister about the AKDN’s emerging program “Accelerated Prosperity”, which will mainly focus on youth employment opportunity.

Minister Chakhansuri appreciated AKDN engagement in Afghanistan and elaborated about the economic potentials of Afghanistan and the perspective of transforming Afghanistan from a land-locked to a land-connected country.

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation Mirwais Nab met with the German Member of Parliament Mr. Omid Nouripour.

Having welcomed Mr. Nouripour to Kabul, the Deputy Minister Nab discussed the outcomes of his recent trip to Germany and thanked the people and government of Germany for their assistance to Afghanistan in various areas. He also expressed his gratitude for Mr. Nouripour’s efforts in this regard.

Both sides further discussed strengthening of relations between the two countries, preparations for the upcoming Munich Security Conference, the presidential elections, peace talks and regional issues.

Lastly, Mr. Nouripour reaffirmed his commitment to the expansion of relations between the two countries and continuous German cooperation with Afghanistan.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri Met with the Ambassador of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to Kabul Huseyin Avni Botsali this afternoon.

The two sides talked on the recent Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of the OIC member states in Jeddah, the organizing symposiums of Islamic scholars regarding peace in Afghanistan, and further cooperation between the organization and the Afghan Red Crescent Society.

The two sides also exchanged views on the International Islamic University project which would be constructed in Jalalabad, Nangarhar.

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