Sunday 19 September 2021
 Kabul Local Time
28 Sunbula 1400, 09:53 AM

KABUL – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemns in the strongest terms the armed attack by the Taliban on UNAMA office in Herat province.

By carrying out such attacks, the Taliban have taken violence to a new phase, entailing dangerous consequences. The continuation of such crimes will seriously endanger the continuation of international organizations’ presence and their activities in Afghanistan.

Widespread violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, including arbitrary killing of civilians, murdering prisoners, extrajudicial killings, public lashing of women and destruction of infrastructures, and now the attack on the United Nations, which represents the international community, are part of war crimes that the Taliban are perpetrating.

The unprecedented rise in violence and the continuous perpetuation of war crimes by the Taliban demonstrate the group's non-compliance with the international laws and obligations.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls on the International Community and relevant international organizations to hold the Taliban accountable for their war crimes and non-compliance with international humanitarian law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan also calls on the international community to exert necessary pressures on the Taliban to prevent their continued bloodshed and war crimes.

KABUL – The Government of the People's Republic of China recently informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that a Taliban delegation would visit China. According to the information, the purpose of the visit was to convey China's concerns about the security situation in Afghanistan, the presence of foreign fighters and terrorists alongside the Taliban, and the Chinese government's support for peace talks and a political settlement.

During the visit, the Chinese government expressed its deep concerns over the recent Taliban attacks, which have resulted in rising civilian casualties and the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians, calling on the Taliban to embrace a political solution and sever ties with regional and international terrorists.

Given the common security threats and mutual political and economic interests, and in light of recent talks between the Presidents and Foreign Ministers of the two countries, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expects the Chinese government to play its valuable role in strengthening regional consensus and exerting international pressure on the Taliban to end violence, establish a ceasefire, ensure peace and end the presence of foreign terrorists in Afghanistan.

KABUL – The Special Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Amb. Jasper Wieck paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Haneef Atmar.

Commending Germany’s cooperation with Afghanistan over the last two decades, particularly its support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, Minister Atmar highlighted the recent developments in Afghanistan, the importance of regional and international consensus to support the peace process, and cooperation between Kabul and Berlin following the withdrawal of the resolute support forces from Afghanistan.

Minister Atmar, while underscoring the importance of Germany’s continued support to Afghanistan and the peace process, said the Taliban’s escalated violence, violation of human rights, and not severing ties with other terrorist groups had resulted in the spread of extremism and presence of international terrorist groups, including ISIS, in Afghanistan and the region.

Expressing concern over the escalated violence by the Taliban, Mr. Wieck assured Minister Atmar of Germany’s continued support to the Afghan Peace Process and preserving the hard-won gains over the last two decades.

KABUL – We are saddened to learn that more than 100 Indian citizens have lost their lives and dozens more have been injured or missing due to monsoon floods in Maharashtra, India.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while sharing the grief of the families of the victims with the government and the people of the Republic of India, wishes swift and full recovery to all those injured.

KABUL – We assessed the recent remarks by Zamir Kabulov, Russian president's special envoy to Afghanistan, in media outlets about the Taliban's readiness for a political solution and “the Taliban’s potential for military takeover”.

Since the signing of the Doha Agreement, the Taliban have consistently violated their commitments and obligations to reduce violence, sever ties with terrorist groups, negotiate a ceasefire, and reach a political settlement. The Taliban's actions reflect the fact that contrary to their claims, they are not ready for a political solution to Afghanistan’s crisis.

In return, the Afghan government has fulfilled all its obligations, including the release of more than 6,000 Taliban prisoners, and has consistently emphasized substantive negotiations on key issues, including an immediate ceasefire. To this end, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has formed a competent negotiating team and has participated with full commitment in the Doha peace talks, including the recent third round. In addition, to demonstrate its seriousness and commitment to the peace process, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently dispatched a high-level political delegation to Doha to support the Republic's negotiating team and advance peace talks with the Taliban. However, despite all these efforts, there is still no sign of commitment by the Taliban to cease violence, refrain from military solution, and reach a political settlement.

If Mr. Kabulov has access to reliable and specific information and findings that demonstrate the Taliban’s true will to peacefully resolve the war, we would welcome sharing such information with us in order to advance the peace process.

In our view, raising the possibility of the Taliban’s military takeover of political power is in contradiction to the Extended Troika Declaration in Moscow and the UN Security Council Resolution 2513, and the international community's strong opposition to the return of the Taliban Emirate.

We appreciate Russia's peace efforts within the framework of Moscow format, Extended Troika, and the UN Security Council. We expect our international partners to hold the Taliban accountable for their commitments and to exert necessary pressure on them to end the bloodshed and agree to a political solution through real and meaningful negotiations based on the international community’s demand, particularly the Extended Troika member states and supporting countries of the UN Security Council Resolution 2513.

KABUL – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again expresses deep concern over the continuation of unprofessional remarks by Pakistan’s Interior Minister regarding the abduction of the daughter of our Ambassador in Islamabad.

While the investigation process has not been concluded and the perpetrators have not been arrested, the continuation of unilateral statements and unprofessional prejudgments will call the transparency of the investigation into question and result in increased mistrust.

Hospital reports have endorsed the mental and physical torture of Ms. Silsila Ali Khil. We expect unprofessional prejudgements to be avoided before the investigation comes to an end. Instead, we urge that all efforts should be geared towards obtaining evidence and completing the probe, as well as arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan is committed to full cooperation in the investigation process through the collaboration of delegations from both sides. We hope to see the reasons behind the incident, and the investigation results soon finalized and announced based on the findings of the investigating teams of the two countries.

KABUL – With deep regret, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has learned about the tragic loss of lives due to devastating floods in Leige, Namur, Luxembourg and Parts of Flemish region in Belgium.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Haneef Atmar offers his heartfelt condolences to the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès, the families and friends of the victims, and the government and people of Belgium.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and friends.

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar spoke with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi regarding the ongoing investigation into the abduction of the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter, expressing deep concern over the remarks of the Pakistani Interior Minister. Mr. Atmar said unprofessional remarks and premature judgments could strongly affect bilateral relations and the credibility of the ongoing, and still incomplete, investigation.

Minister Atmar reaffirmed Afghanistan’s commitment to cooperate with the Government of Pakistan in pursuing the investigation to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators of the crime and to ensure the security of Afghan political missions and diplomats in that country.

To this end, an Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan, and subsequent actions will be taken regarding the return of the Afghan Ambassador and diplomats based on the delegation’s assessments and findings.

Expressing deep regrets and empathy, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister said Ms. Silsila’s case would be dealt with seriously as one of “our” own daughters. As instructed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he added, the investigation would soon be concluded, and appropriate actions would be taken accordingly. Mr. Qureshi assured Minister Atmar of Pakistan’s robust measures to ensure the security and safety of the Afghan missions and diplomats in Pakistan.

Following the abduction and torture of the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter in Pakistan, the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan called back the Afghan Ambassador and senior diplomats from Islamabad.

KABUL – Following the abduction of the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter in Pakistan, the Leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan called back Afghanistan’s Ambassador and senior diplomats from Pakistan until all security threats are addressed including the arrest and trial of the perpetrators of abduction.

An Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan soon to assess and follow up on the case and all related issues; subsequent actions will follow based on the findings.

KABUL – The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan met on Friday in Tashkent on the sidelines of the Central and South Asia Connectivity Summit to discuss the latest political and security developments in Afghanistan.

Both sides expressed deep concern over the escalation of violence in Afghanistan and its grave repercussions for the stability of the two countries and the region. They agreed to jointly address the current situation through the following measures:

1. To end the bloodshed in Afghanistan, the two countries agreed to undertake necessary measures in mutual consultation and establish a joint monitoring and verification mechanism to address each other’s security concerns and evaluate the results of their joint cooperation.

2. The two sides agreed to utilize all available means and resources to ensure permanent and sustainable peace in Afghanistan and to make joint practical efforts to secure a political settlement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

3. The two leaders agreed to address the current environment of skepticism and suspicion by taking concrete measures to achieve tangible results in the peace process and end the bloodshed in Afghanistan as well as strengthening State to State relations between the two countries.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will welcome all efforts by the Government of Pakistan to help stop the bloodshed and ensure lasting peace in Afghanistan.

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