Sunday 19 September 2021
 Kabul Local Time
28 Sunbula 1400, 08:36 AM

KABUL – Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the decision by the Australian Government to temporarily suspend its Embassy in Kabul due to security situation.

Respecting Australia’s decision, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is grateful to Australia’s comprehensive support and cooperation with Afghanistan in the last two decades.

We remain grateful to Australia’s reaffirmed commitment to continue its support and assistance to Afghanistan and acknowledge that the realization of these pledges play a significant role in the fight against terrorism, ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, and continuation of strategic cooperation between the two countries.

Based on the international laws and conventions, and within the framework of agreements with friendly countries, the Afghan government remains committed and obligated to ensure the security of diplomatic missions and the safety of diplomatic and consular representatives.

We hope, as mentioned in the Australian Government Statement, that this measure will be temporary, and Australia will soon resume its permanent presence in Afghanistan.

KABUL – Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the statement by the NATO Secretary General in France, emphasizing continued support to Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the NATO forces from Afghanistan.

We appreciate NATO’s statement reaffirming its support to Afghanistan on capacity building, support to the institutions, financial support, and training of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and providing services for the functioning of Kabul airport. We consider NATO’s support commensurate with the needs of the ANSDF.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it as a practical step at the beginning of a new chapter of cooperation between NATO and Afghanistan in the capacity development of the ANSDF to fight against terrorism and ensuring lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

Expressing gratitude to NATO for continuing its pledges to Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to strive within the new chapter of cooperation to fight against common threats, terrorism, and violent extremism in Afghanistan, the region, and beyond, establishing an independent, sovereign, united, and peaceful Afghanistan based on democratic structures.

KABUL – Deputy and Acting Foreign Minister Mirwais Nab met with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Wang yu to discuss the results of the telephone conversation between the Foreign Minister of the two countries, recent developments in the Afghan Peace Process, and strengthening bilateral relations between Afghanistan and China.

Highlighting the recent talks between the Afghan and Chinese Foreign Minister, Deputy Minister Nab expressed gratitude to China for cooperating in the Afghan Peace process, joint fight against terrorism, implementation of economic, trade, and infrastructure projects as well as Chinese assistance with Afghanistan to the fight against Coronavirus.

Mr. Nab called further strengthening of cooperation between Afghanistan and its neighboring countries, particularly China, important to address common challenges and regional prosperity.

Underscoring the significance of expanded cooperation between the two countries for the peace and regional prosperity, the Chinese Ambassador assured Deputy Minister Nab of China’s readiness to transfer COVAX packages as well as China’s continued support and cooperation with Afghanistan in various fields, particularly ensuring peace.

Both sides discussed and exchanged views on recent progress in the Afghan Peace Process, convening the Afghanistan – China – Pakistan Foreign Ministers trilateral meeting, and recent developments in Afghanistan’s request for permanent membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as well as the dynamics of expanding bilateral relations.

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar in a telephone conversation with the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi, discussed the Afghan Peace Process, fight against Coronavirus, strengthening Afghanistan-China strategic relations to fight against terrorism, ensuring peace in Afghanistan, and regional prosperity.

Calling the expansion of strategic political, security, and economic cooperation important, Minister Atmar expressed gratitude to China’s cooperation and support to the Afghan Peace Process, particularly Afghanistan’s stance on ceasefire and ensuring a lasting and dignified peace.

Minister Atmar also appreciated China’s assistance with Afghanistan in the fight against COVID-19.

Expressing China’s pledge to assist in provision of COVAX and laboratory equipments, Mr. Wang assured Minister Atmar of China’s continued assistance with Afghanistan in providing machinery for infrastructures’ development.

Emphasizing the expansion of strategic cooperation between the two countries to ensure peace and strengthen regional consensus, both sides discussed and exchanged views on organizing the upcoming Afghanistan - China - Pakistan Foreign Ministers meeting.

KABUL – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, in a telephone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Palestine, Mr. Riyad Al-Maliki, condemned the escalation of attacks and encroachment on the Palestinian people during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, calling the bloody attacks unacceptable for the Islamic countries and the world’s peace-loving nations. Minister Atmar called for an immediate end to the violence in the region.

Minister Atmar conveyed H.E. President Ashraf Ghani and the people of Afghanistan’s deepest condolences to the Palestinian government and people for the martyrdom of dozens of civilians, including women and children, and prayed for swift recovery of the injured.

Expressing Afghan people’s solidarity with the suffering people of Palestine, Minister Atmar stated that Afghanistan supported the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to an independent state, within the borders set out in the 1967 UN Security Council Resolution.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Maliki thanked the Foreign Minister for expressing sympathy and called the support of the Islamic and other peace-loving countries important and valuable for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Minister Atmar invited Mr. Maliki to visit Afghanistan at his convenience.

KABUL – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan denounces and condemns in the strongest terms the recent attacks by Israeli troops on civilians and worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of Muslims, and considers such acts violent, unjustified, and a threat to the peace and stability of the region and the world.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan supports the Palestinian people's rightful claim to an independent state with borders set out in the 1976 UN Security Council Resolution, and emphasizes resolving the tensions through peaceful means, negotiations, and accelerated and unified international efforts.

KABUL – The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar held a video conference with Finnish Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari to discuss the Afghan peace process and bilateral cooperation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs commended the effective support of the Republic of Finland for Afghanistan over the past two decades, particularly the outstanding role of Mr. Ville Skinnari in the successful convening of the 2020 Conference in Geneva.

Referring to the latest developments in the peace process and calling the high level of violence and civilian casualties in the country unacceptable, Minister Atmar said that "The Taliban aim to seize power by force and do not seem to believe in peace."

Expressing his condolences to the Government of Afghanistan and the families of the victims of the terrorist attack on Sayed al-Shuhada High School, Mr. Skinnari condemned perpetrators of the barbaric attack and termed Taliban violence unacceptable. He called on the Taliban to accept a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire and pave the way for a political solution and lasting peace.

The Finnish Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade assured Mr. Atmar of his country's continued assistance in development, governance, human rights, and economy, especially in the field of energy after the withdrawal of the Resolute Support Forces from Afghanistan.

KABUL – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the IRoA welcomes the worldwide condemnation of recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, particularly the atrocious attacks on children and students at Sayed al-Shuhada High School west of Kabul. We are grateful to all countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, the UN Security Council, and the European Union, for condemning the barbaric terrorist attacks, offering their sympathies, and standing in solidarity with Afghanistan.

We reiterate once again the legitimate and rightful demand of Afghans for ending the ongoing senseless bloodshed, establishing an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and resuming meaningful peace talks to achieve an inclusive negotiated settlement leading to durable peace in war-weary Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that pursuing sincere negotiations is the only path toward ending the current conflict and stopping the killing of innocent people.

KABUL – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of IRoA is deeply saddened by the passing of the Consul General of the Republic of India Mr. Vinesh Kalra, in Mazar-e-Sharif. As a hard-working and committed diplomat, the late Mr. Kalra has made valuable efforts to strengthen and consolidate friendly relations between Afghanistan and India.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers the death of Mr. Vinesh Kalra a great loss for the diplomatic apparatus of the Republic of India and offers its deepest sympathies to the bereaved family, friends, and the government of the Republic of India.

On Friday, 7 May 2021, the Prosecutor of the International criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court"), Mrs Fatou Bensouda and her team met a high-level delegation from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the Seat of the Court led by H.E. Mohammad Haneef Atmar, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The full day of productive discussions with the representatives of Afghanistan included the participation of officials from, inter alia, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, the Attorney General's Office, the Supreme Court and the National Security Department. The meeting was organised in the context of the Government of Afghanistan's March 2020 request for the Office to defer its investigation pursuant to article 18(2) of the Rome Statute. At the meeting, detailed presentations provided further insights into investigative steps taken or planned by the national authorities in Afghanistan and an opportunity for the Office to seek clarifications on a number of discussion points.

In stressing the importance of a victims-centred approach, Prosecutor Bensouda and H.E. Minister Atmar on behalf of the Government of Afghanistan pledged to work together to achieve justice for the Afghan people by holding perpetrators of atrocity crimes accountable.

"I have great admiration for the courage and resilience of the people of Afghanistan who have withstood tremendous adversity through decades of conflict and violence. They deserve tangible justice without delay", stated Prosecutor Bensouda. "I look forward to continuing our constructive exchanges with the Government of Afghanistan, which was exemplified by today's discussions, as we work towards determining how justice may best be served through joint collaborative efforts with full commitment to our respective independent duties and responsibilities under the Rome Statute", added the Prosecutor. 

H.E. Minister Atmar thanked Prosecutor Bensouda for her commitment stating that "this was a historic and very constructive meeting. The Government of Afghanistan is grateful to the ICC Prosecutor for hosting our high-level delegation to address the investigation and prosecution of all international crimes in Afghanistan" adding that "at this decisive moment for our country's future, we have made encouraging progress in charting the way forward to ensure that no crimes will go unpunished. With our government's unwavering commitment to human rights and justice, we are confident that with full cooperation with the Prosecutor, we can jointly advance the cause of justice for all of the victims of the long and devastating conflict."

H.E. Mr Zabihullah Kalim, the Attorney General of Afghanistan who also participated at the meeting added: "Our meeting with the ICC Prosecutor was very useful for discussing the constructive ways in which we can cooperate with the Office of the Prosecutor and for sharing information about the cases that Afghanistan is investigating and prosecuting at all levels. We look forward to continuing our positive exchanges and collaboration to guarantee that there will be no impunity for international crimes."

The Office is appreciative of Afghanistan's expressed commitment and the steps taken towards addressing accountability for atrocity crimes and securing justice for victims in Afghanistan in close collaboration with the ICC. The information and clarifications generated at the meeting will be helpful to the Office's independent assessment of the Government of Afghanistan's article 18(2) deferral request. The Prosecutor's decision on that request is pending.

The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC conducts independent and impartial preliminary examinations, investigations and prosecutions of the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. Since 2003, the Office has been conducting investigations in multiple situations within the ICC's jurisdiction, namely in Uganda; the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Darfur, Sudan; the Central African Republic (two distinct situations); Kenya; Libya; Côte d'Ivoire; Mali; Georgia, Burundi; Bangladesh/Myanmar, Afghanistan (subject to a pending article 18 deferral request) and Palestine. The Office is also currently conducting preliminary examinations relating to the situations in Bolivia; Colombia; Guinea; the Philippines; and Venezuela (I and II); and has recently completed its preliminary examinations of the situations in Ukraine and Nigeria, which are pending requests to seek authorisation to proceed to investigation.

Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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